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Der Branchenverband Cannabiswirtschaft e.V. ist ein Wirtschaftsverband der deutschen Cannabiswirtschaft mit Sitz in Berlin.
Cannabis economy pleased about 1st reading of the Cannabis Act (CanG) in the Bundestag
Important paradigm shift is imminent, expert politicians give hints on sensible points of improvement

Berlin, 10/18/2023: The Bundestag has debated the planned Cannabis Act (CanG, Drs. 20/8704) for the first time. This is intended to remove cannabis from the Narcotics Act (BtMG) and make self-supply (private cultivation and cultivation associations) legal. The possession of small quantities is to be decriminalized. Overall, the BvCW believes this represents an overdue paradigm shift in policy towards cannabis.

After the first reading that has just taken place, the cannabis industry is pleased with the announcement of the expert politicians to implement significant improvements in the bill. These included: Dr. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (B90/The Greens), Kristine Lütke (FDP), Linda Heitmann (B90/The Greens), the Federal Government Commissioner for Addiction and Drug Issues, Burkhard Blienert (SPD), Dirk Heidenblut (SPD) or Carmen Wegge (SPD).

Important points were addressed on the subject of industrial hemp, medical supply of cannabis, practicability (e.g. distance and control regulations both for medical consumption and for consumption for pleasure).

Proposals for improvement from the opposition are also pleasing for the cannabis industry. In the area of medical cannabis, Simone Borchardt (CDU) called for the abolition of the approval requirement for reimbursement of therapy or the strengthening of the therapeutic sovereignty of physicians. Ates Gürpinar (The Left), for example, pointed to the health benefits of oral consumption via so-called “edibles” (foodstuffs containing THC).  

The cannabis economy is thrilled about the upcoming progress and would like to compete with the existing, completely uncontrolled black market in the future. For this purpose and for comprehensive health protection (quality controls, etc.), high hopes are pinned on the model projects, for which a separate bill (“Pillar 2”) has been announced in 2024.

The removal of cannabis from the BtMG could, among other things:

  1. facilitate the prescription and future cultivation of medicinal cannabis.
  2. improve the framework conditions for business with industrial hemp (commercial hemp), which is considered particularly sustainable.

It is particularly important to the BvCW that the controversial “intoxication clause” is still deleted from the bill. In addition, further practicable adjustments should be made.

Jürgen Neumeyer, managing director of the BvCW, says:  “The law is a good first step towards the necessary legal re-evaluation of cannabis. Until the second reading, it is imperative that the so-called “intoxication clause” against industrial hemp will be removed from the law, then both agriculture and trade could benefit from a secure legal framework. There must be no discrimination against cannabis patients, for example through distance regulations for their medication. 
Whoever really wants to fight the black market must give the German cannabis industry the opportunity to be actively involved in the announced model projects (“Pillar 2″) at the latest.”

Dirk Heitepriem, BvCW vice president and departmental coordinator of recreational cannabis regulation, emphasizes: “It is important that this law is passed in time so that cannabis is finally removed from the Narcotics Act. We as the cannabis industry want to support the fight against the black market and offer our professional help to all parties involved.”

According to plans of the Bundestag, the last necessary reform efforts should be taken into account until the adoption (2nd & 3rd reading) in the Bundestag on 16.11.2023 and the Cannabis Act should come into force on 01.01.2024. The BvCW wishes the parliamentarians much courage and strength in optimizing the upcoming law in this short time. 

A comprehensive statement of the BvCW on the cabinet decision can be found here. The video of the Bundestag debate can be found here. The associated plenary minutes can be found here.

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