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Dr. Ghita Amrani is a seasoned expert in business development and regulatory affairs within the pharmaceutical industry. With a PhD in Pharmacy and over 15 years of experience, Dr. Amrani has played a pivotal role in creating growth within companies focusing on deal making, market access, regulatory compliance and global products launches. Their expertise spans strategic planning, partnership negotiations and regulatory strategy, with a special focus on women’s health, medical cannabis, niche generics & biosimilars.
After holding international corporate positions, Dr. Ghita Amrani founded their own companies in France successfully navigating diverse market access landscapes to ensure new pharmaceutical products meet all necessary requirements for market entries. Their strategic vision and leadership have been key in bringing numerous products to market, fostering international partnerships, and driving regulatory excellence.
Dr. Amrani has been appointed as consultant for Aurora GmBH during the French medical cannabis experiment positioning Aurora GmBH at the forefront of the evolving regulatory framework in France and making them one of the key players in the rising French landscape of the cannabis industry.