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Dr Callie Seaman is a Plant scientist and formulation chemist with over 20 years experience in the hydroponic industry. She has worked with a number of licensed cannabis producers within the UK and internationally as a director and researcher helping to optimise and set up research programs around secondary metabolite production within cannabis.
She first completed a degree in biomedical sciences, during which she worked for GlaxoSmithKline within the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics department. She then went on to complete a PhD. In Fertilizer chemistry at Sheffield Hallam univercity whilst setting up a liquid Fertilizer manufacturing company, formulating and taking to market a full range of products.
Callie has recently set up Sunnyside consultancy her own cannabis consultancy which helps new business to navigate the cannabis sector.
Her latest role is as the Chief Plant sciences and Innovation Officer with Evolve Health, a female health focused biotechnology company founded and lead by women for women.
Callie has also be made the Co-Chair of the Cannabis Industry Council working closely with the UK sector and government to bring regulation and much need change.
As a patient she is Passionate about educating everyone about cannabis, regularly giving talks at universities for Drug Science along with conferences published work in peer reviewed publication. She helps to support patients through their journey with cannabis prescription, through volunteering as the director of MedCan Family Foundation and on the advisory board of patient groups such as UPA, CannAssit and Cancard.