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Sanaleo GmbH

Sanaleo GmbH is a wholesale company for hemp products based in Leipzig and exists since 2019. Sanaleo stands as a brand for sustainability, transparency and education. The concept is based on the assumption that the hemp plant will be used in the future, especially the active ingredient CBD, in various areas of society. On a plant basis, Sanaleo wants to improve people’s well-being and guarantee products of the highest quality. Product groups such as CBD oils, CBD vape products, CBD flowers and soon CBD cosmetics are united under the brand. The products are available in Sanaleo’s own stores, franchise cooperations and a B2B network that is growing throughout Germany, as well as in an online store. Sanaleo wants to encourage a shift in thinking towards plant-based alternatives and promote a suitable approach to hemp in all areas of application in the sense of the industry and society.

Address: Christianstraße 4, 04105 Leipzig
Contact: Paul Portius
Phone number: 0178 9246434