jmb growup!consulting

growUp!consulting is a consulting company specialising in the field of healthcare and healthcare management. Key segments of the consultancy are also medical and consumer cannabis. The focus of this consultancy is on the management of start-up projects and the joint development and implementation of innovative business and investor models, sales, competitive and brand strategies as well as construction planning, foundation, regulatory affairs, licensing procedures, personnel and quality management and ongoing support. growUp!consulting has a versatile network to provide advice and support “from a single source”. For legal advice, there is a cooperation with the specialists from Dr Fandrich Lawyers, who will publish a Beck commentary on cannabis law (KCanG, MedCanG).

Address: jmb growUp!consulting GmbH, Annagraben 40, 53111 Bonn
Managing directors: Dr. Marcus Geschwandtner, Prof. Dr. Joachim Bloehs
Contact: Dr. Marcus Geschwandtner, Dr. Angela Graf
Telephone number: 0228/42 95 52 – 0